Em is not only an incredible voice talent, she's awesome to work with, too. She knew exactly what I needed before I even gave direction just based off the script alone. She's one of those rare voice actors who holds a broad range of voices AND knows how to use them intuitively. On top of that she's professional and prompt with a great attention to detail. 

~ Everett Thomas Fitch, Big American Story (Video Production House)

Thank you for all the help!! What an experience this process has been! I would love to work together again!

~ Katie Ashley, author

Thanks again for all your great work, delicious cookies, and sparkling attitude.  You've made a very positive impression on the project.

~ Noah Ableman, Spears and Arrows (LA Media Company)


I wanted to drop a line your way and say thanks for being the awesome talent on my radio spots. It’s always fun and easy when we can nail the takes quickly, so you’re awesome in my book.

~ Scott Nosenko, Chappell Roberts (Tampa Advertising Agency)

Em was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Not only is she super talented and able to take direction well, but she is just a sweet person to be around. 

~ Dan Hertzog, In the Wee Hours (LA Advertising Agency)

I listened to a lot of candidates to narrate my books, and out of all of them, Em topped the list because she put her heart into her narration. I write from the heart, and I needed someone to speak my heart through my characters. That's Em. Quite simply, she is as lovely a human being as her voice suggests. She's able to capture the range of my characters from a dashing Southern belle to a grizzly old grandfather. My readers love her narration. And even more importantly, she's a committed professional, who has never missed a deadline. I am so happy she's on my team. She has added to the beautiful world of my books through her voice and her heart.

~ USA Today Bestselling Author, Ava Miles:

Em is an absolute joy to work with! She goes above and beyond to look up the pronunciation of character names, towns, and other unique words and terms. Em switches from female to male voices seamlessly and has a killer British, French, and even Italian accent! When Em narrates, it's more than reading aloud. Em breathes life into the characters and delivers an incredible voice performance.

~ author Nikki Jefford

Em Eldridge brought her A game as always. She's a fabulous voice actor and one of my favorites.

~ Audible Listener

Kudos to narrator Em Eldridge for making the characters believable!

~ Audible Listener

Her voice just allows me to disappear into the story. I don't even remember what she sounds like, and I love it when great authors pair with a great voice.

~ Audible Listener

The narrator, Em Eldridge, delivers us another flawless read with her accents and voices. A definite 5 star read!

~ Audible Listener